I whistle on the way to work. Sometimes I skip. Throw in a little Angus Young guitar strut.
Why? Because I actually like what I do. At work. Hell, you could call it at play. I go to play. Wherever that may be. To make money for myself. And a boatload of money for my clients. And yes that makes us all happy. Because we are creative people, happy to experiment and play and make things. Anything. Ads, experiences, games, toys, kids' cereal. Whatever. As long as it’s the best way to solve a clients problem. I've been solving clients problems since the futuristic year of 2000. One by one. The best way. With creativity and fun. It’s pretty simple really. And if it matters, I've collected metal trinkets along the way. From Cannes, D&AD, LIA, New York Festivals, Clio, Adfest, AWARD.
I like to work for progressive companies. Always looking at new ways of doing things. Where they question everything. They change things when they need to. They innovate and grow as a whole group and don't rely on a select few to do it. That's why I've tutored AWARD School four times. Share what I've learned from The Greats.
I love what I do. I love that you love what I do. I believe brave clients make waves. We solve problems together. With balls. Big, big balls.
Luke Duggan is a New York based award winning Art / Creative Director hailing from Sydney, Australia. Working with challenger and global brands for the past 20 years. Overseeing major projects for Apple, Uber, Jack Daniel’s, Volvo, Peugeot, VW, Sony, Guinness, Harley-Davidson, Skins, Electrolux, HP, Schweppes, P&G, Hamilton Island, Smart Traveller, GlaxoSmithKline.
At a variety of amazing agencies - Endeavor 160/90, Apple, World Wide Mind, The Many, TBWA, Media Arts Lab, AKQA, R/GA, BWM Dentsu, Special Group, Arnold, DDB, McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi. Partnering with the smallest and top production companies, photographers, designers, musicians and artists. Is a fan of twisted, lateral thinking. He also writes stuff and curates international art exhibitions and events.
卢大根 是谁?​​​​​​​
为什么?因为我发自肺腑的喜欢我的工作。工作对我来说,也可以解释为玩耍。在玩耍的过程中,我给自己赚点钱,给客户赚很多钱,大家都开心。因为我们是有创意的人,我们在愉悦的体验过程中完成创作。创作任何有趣的东西,包括广告,体验,游戏,玩具,小朋友的早餐。只要是任何可以解决客户问题的方式,我们都乐意去创造。从2000年至今,我带着满满创意的心,参与解决了客户广告上的众多难题。一路走来,我很幸运的拿到了一些业界奖项,包括 Cannes,D&AD,LIA,New York Festivals,Clio,Adfest 和 AWARD。
我喜欢和特别具有挑战性且不完善的公司合作。我的眼光总是放在处理问题新的模式上,找寻问题的起源之处。如果对方公司需要任何改变,我会随时配合。这就是为什么他们可以作为一个整体团队来发展,创新,改良,而不是仅仅依靠个体。我有幸去 AWARD School 辅导过学生四次,也全托福于这些工作经验。 我特别乐于分享我在业界以及很多前辈那里所积累的知识。我相信勇敢的客户会得到相应的回报。让我们一起众志成诚创造奇迹!
卢大根是澳洲悉尼广告界得过很多奖项的美术总监。在过去的19年中,他在很多广告公司- Endeavor 160/90, Apple, World Wide Mind, The Many, TBWA,Media Arts Lab,AKQA,R/GA, BWM Dentsu,Special Group,Arnold, DDB,McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi 和很多国际知名品牌合作过,包括Apple,Uber,Jack Daniel’s,Volvo,Peugeot,VW,Sony,Guinness,Harley-Davidson,Skins,Electrolux, HP,Schweppes, P&G,Hamilton Island,Smart Traveller 和 GlaxoSmithKline。 

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