"Luke has a very peculiar, creative, and imaginative mind. Forever caring about the people he works with to achieve great results."
Christian Carl
Executive Creative Director, 160over90 New York

"Luke is a great ideas guy. He answered my SOS for a senior creative to fly down to Mona and help with our nonsense. He smashed out a bunch of ideas that will rank with the best we’ve produced. Furthermore, as an Art Director he was then able to execute those ideas like a boss.  Luke certainly doesn’t need my endorsement - his work speaks for itself - but I can confirm that he was heaps of fun to work with, even when the hammer came down. And sometimes that’s the most valuable skill of all."
Robbie Brammall
Director of Marketing and Communications, Museum of Old and New Art

"The most insightful, genius, Shot on iPhone presentation I have ever seen."
Brent Anderson
Global Chief Creative Officer at TBWA \ Media Arts Lab

"Great work"
Tor Myhren
Vice President of Marketing Communications, Apple

"This is the biggest campaign idea we've rolled out as a club in our 30 year history, we got it right and gave our Members something special." 
Newcastle Knights Rugby League CEO Matt Gidley 

"Luke has contributed to some of our strongest campaigns, such as Newcastle Knights’ Sacred Ground, Mojo Homes ‘love song dedications’ radio and Strange Love soft drinks.
He is a gun on pitches and puts in the hours. He is also a craftsman who likes nothing more than crafting typography or art directing images long after many lesser souls would have said “yeah, that’ll do.” Luke is a versatile creative, and can turn his hand to high-end brand work and is pragmatic about retail work.
On a personal note, and it is an overused cliché these days, but Luke really is one of the nicest guys in the business."
Pete Ogden
Executive Creative Director,  Enigma Communications

"What can I say about Luke Duggan? I better be kind since he's within ear shot. Some would say he's probably the most important person in the last two centuries. His ideas do interrupt the day. In fact they should have an extra day in the week dedicated to him. Lukeday. It falls between Sunday and Monday. Would probably make the comedown into Monday too large to handle. Enjoy his work and thoughts. His mind never stops so there'll always be more to come. What you see here is a tiny fraction of his output. The rest is for those extra close to him. Or on the dark web. Peace."
Luke Duggan

"I have four boys and he is my favourite son."
Luke's mum
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