It has manifested into a modern behavior to greet the day.
Every day, the older generation sends greetings of optimism and well wishes in the color of the day. 
The new generation does not find this online behavior appealing.
Yet Thailand is one of the most visual nations in the world and crave beautiful imagery.
So we refreshed the daily tradition through the lens of the iPhone.

To be shared by everyone.
สวัสดีวันจันทร์ ถ่ายด้วย iPhone
Sawasdee Monday Shot on iPhone
“Sawasdee Monday” (Hello Monday) celebrates every new day with images of Thailand all shot on iPhone.
Using Thai photographers and filmmakers, Bangkok and its surroundings had never been seen this way. And using Thai musicians brought the 7 films to life.
Launching on a Monday, Thai commuters were greeted with a new colorful message: “Sawasdee Monday” in Yellow, then the next morning launched/refreshed to the new day color. “Sawasdee Tuesday” was pink. "Sawasdee Wednesday" was green.

Digital Out of Home, Billboards, YouTube, Line TV, Viu & Bugaboo, Stickers, Digital banners, Apple Store, Genius Tshirts and the Apple home page changed daily with shareable images, plus tips and demonstrations on how to use the iPhone camera features.
Hello Monday. Shot on iPhone Xs

Hello Monday Apple Homepage and new day images to share

AIS Central World video wall + digital screens
Hello Tuesday. Shot on iPhone Xs

Hello Tuesday Apple Homepage and new day images to share

Hello Wednesday. Shot on iPhone Xs

Hello Wednesday Apple Homepage and new day images to share

Hello Thursday. Shot on iPhone Xs

Hello Thursday Apple Homepage and new day images to share

Hello Friday. Shot on iPhone Xs

Hello Friday Apple Homepage and new day images to share

Hello Saturday. Shot on iPhone Xs

Hello Saturday Apple Homepage and new day images to share

Hello Sunday. Shot on iPhone Xs

Hello Sunday Apple Homepage and new day images to share

Genius' t-shirts
Retail/Today @ Apple
Weekly sessions to demonstrate how to take vibrant photos with the iPhone + photowalks influenced by the color of the day
As Creative Art Director at MAL Singapore the Objective was to deepen brand connection with Thai culture through the iPhone camera, and create the first bespoke Apple campaign for Thailand.

Our Consumer Barrier was that Thais love visual content creation/sharing and want the best camera. However they think competitors have better cameras than the iPhone.

Our Strategy was Capture the heart of evolving Thai culture through the lens of those reinterpreting it.
Our Creative Idea - Refresh the daily tradition through the lens of the iPhone. 
'Sawasdee Monday Shot on iPhone' 

Media Strategy was to leverage daily & morning-heavy mediums where we refreshed/differentiated creatives daily.
"The most insightful, genius, Shot on iPhone presentation I have ever seen."
Brent Anderson
Global Chief Creative Officer at TBWA \ Media Arts Lab
"Great work"
Tor Myhren
Vice President of Marketing Communications, Apple

The surprising campaign got major coverage in Asian media and was viewed by millions of Thais bringing optimism and color to their day.
Role: Concept, writer, design and art.
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