For Maisie Peters the self described emo pop queen we conducted a video and photo shoot near her home in London’s Bow district. Gautier Fage and I were tasked to design the Apple Music word mark in time for her new album launch 'You signed up for this'.

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Photographed by the legendary Lauren Maccabee, Maisie wearing red prom dress and Doc Martin's at a bus shelter in the Bow. Riding the rooftop bus is where she often cooks up the lyrics to her songs.
Creating the Apple Music word mark.
Feeling her vibe and subversive attitude we created the graffiti logo. 
Graffiti fits in seamlessly with the gritty location that Maisie is in.
Fitting right in with her album cover of her on a London bus.
The word mark made of graffiti spray paint would be integrated in the environment behind Maisie splattered on cars and houses. 
Using 3D animation we would turn a 2D photo into 3D optical illusion in the same vein as an OK Go video with the skill of Georges Rousse and the street art of Kidult.
Background plates were stitched together to give me the perfect canvas for me to tirelessly paint in all the bubblegum pink graffiti word mark, then the in-house 3D artist split the type and created the parallax scroll giving a great pseudo 3D effect.
Aiming to be as graphic an image as Abbey Road or Oasis What’s the Story Morning Glory the Digital billboards looked stunning towering above New York, LA, Nashville, Miami and Atlanta.
Maisie's Day one sales results put her at No 2 on the charts behind Ye. Yay,
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