Team Visa Logo Design
Box art
Sky Brown スカイ・ブラウン 15 year old British-Japanese Olympic Skateboarder gave an intro to all athletes who opened their kit.
Team Visa Cap
Cap designs
Instagram Filter for Team Visa athletes to share their journey to Paris
Team Visa Paris 2024 Kick Off Summit turns athletes into brand ambassadors.
Olympic athletes are superior human beings, incredible at what they do. But not necessarily great at social media, speaking in public, and being ambassadors. The kit and summit turned these superhumans into a powerful voice for the brand. A nice way for Visa to share their message to more than 45 million combined social followers across Team Visa athletes.
117 athletes received their own personalized Team Visa Credit Card.
Paris 2024 Team Visa highlights:
117 Olympic and Paralympic athletes from 60+ markets, including eight new markets (Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Honduras)
Ages 15-48 with highest percentage of women athletes in program history
40 sports, including new Paris 2024 sport: Breaking
175 medals collectively, with 15 athletes competing in their first Olympic or Paralympic Games
More than 45 million combined social followers across Team Visa athletes
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