My first full-time paid gig at small Aussie agency Foster Nunn Loveder, working with two legends Mike Miller and Julian Horton alongside Nathan Lennon got me used to working bloody long hours and being pretty anal about photography, art direction, layouts, and details that no one but other anal art directors would even notice.

Sony was our client and I loved it. These are pretty much the better lot of a lot of work we did for them starting with my first ever 'good' ad. It was for a 'tiny' handicam that became lost down the back of the couch. I have to laugh now as the thing is sooo ridiculously big. I think my mum still has a copy of Time magazine it appeared in.

After that I started my Swapsie TM faze, where I'd pretty much turn the product into what it vaguely represented. Which was fine as I grabbed my first ever bronze Lion with a cheap pair of headphones. Over the years I was lucky enough to work with a bunch of top photographers like Al Clarke, Andreas Bommert, Andreas Smetana,  Sean Izzard, Neil Bailey, Julian Wolkenstein, Jimmy Fok and more. Never forgetting great retouchers like Electric Art and Cream Studios.
Whether they're good or bad, just weird or just shit, I art directed the lot of 'em. Enjoy.
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