Through the power of social media we gave viewers the impression that this extremely likeable, polite and well groomed man is looking for the love of his life, going to any and all lengths to track Emma down. It’s this theme (or impression) of lost love that makes for a shareable, engaging social media campaign that reaches much further than our phone and computer screens. 
Only known to us Emma is a real nib shareholder owed money from past investments. But with changes of address and time gone by, finding her has been a little tricky. But now it’s nib’s priority to see she gets her share.
Ben had one week to find her. So off he went, any means necessary as long as it was unpaid media, reporting daily on the 'Have you seen Emma Adams?' Facebook page.
All he had was a bunch of flowers, an envelope, his charm and the story that all he knew was her name and that he hadn't seen her since visiting the town of Newcastle 10 years ago. People were roped in and followed his search like the greatest rom-coms that Hollywood could produce.
Finding Emma, from suburban Newcastle to the steps of the Sydney Opera House.
A Happy Ending
We found our Emma Adams (actually, we found 14 Emma Adams before the right one) and Ben revealed the mysterious envelope simply contained an nib form to fill out to receive unclaimed dividends. 

Our Facebook followers were a mixed bag, some were devastated the real life movie they were following was only Ben tracking down the first of many, not his soul mate, others cried out "I knew it!" and "What about the flowers?".
As Emma reached for the flowers Ben pulled away declaring "No these are for my wife, I need to make up to her since I've been following you for a week."

Thanks Ben, your tireless search made the rest of the 14000 lost shareholders come to us, thankfully.

Search tools to find Emma were all earned/owned/free channels: 
PA announcements (in airports, beaches, supermarkets, sports events) Radio announcements, Telegraph pole posters, Homemade banners at sporting events, Loud hailer, Signage outside the window of the Sunrise morning TV show,, Facebook posts/shares, Flyers, Street posters, Talk back radio, Facebook group ‘Have you seen Emma?’, A hashtag #findemma, Have you seen Emma hotline with voicemail message for any leads from the public, An Instagram account,
and one trusty Sandwich board.

Oh, and Ben uttered "Have you seen Emma Adams?" 14724 times.
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