The Newcastle Knights are the heart and soul of the Hunter Region. In these parts, fans don’t just support their team…they bleed red and blue.
And over the years, they’ve enjoyed their fair share of unforgettable moments throughout the club’s 30-year history.
But for the past two seasons, there’s been little to cheer about for the Knights’ faithful.
Back to back wooden spoons has seen the number of annual memberships and game day attendences plummet. 
Coming off the back of the most disappointing season in the club’s history, statistically the worst ever by any team in the history of the NRL, we were set the toughest of challenges – reingnite passion for the team and drive memberships for the 2017 season.
To find our solution, we looked no further than the Knights home stadium.
At this ground, buried beneath the surface, are 30 years of glory, hardships, hopes and dreams, unforgettable stories and moments that have shaped the club.
The blood, sweat and tears of legendary players are soaked deep into the soil.
It is Sacred Ground.
To launch the 2017 membership drive, we gave supporters the chance to be part of history and get behind their team like never before… by offering them their own patch of hallowed turf at the Knights home stadium.

The Spot

Through an immersive online platform, we divided the playing field into 30,000 square foot patches, and gave fans the chance to discover and relive the history the ground.
Fans can claim their own patch of ground, and add memories of their favorite moments watching their beloved team play at home.
All this was shareable, along with the title deed they received from the Knights CEO.
By connecting with fans in an entirely new way, we helped sell over 13,000 pre-season memberships, the most in the Knights’ 30-year history.
"This is the biggest campaign idea we've rolled out as a club and in our 30th year, it's even more important that we get it right and give our Members something special," CEO Matt Gidley explained.
"We have great support from our fans and we love the concept delivered, because it is innovative and original in our market."
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