​​​​​Skins has resumed its strategy of producing controversial advertising campaigns with the launch of its latest TV promotion, leading the global conversation around cheating in sport.
Our 30-second advert, ‘Cheat Legal’, is part of a £500,000 campaign designed to create a buzz around the company’s new A400 premium range of gradient compression clothing.
During the advert, (which rolled out across the UK, Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe across all Sky Sports channels and ESPN) Skins taunts cheats in a variety of sports.
But instead of calling for them to stop, the voiceover says: “To all you fine, upstanding, cheats out there: Keep up the good work. We need the competition.”
The Skins 400 series supplies more oxygen to the muscles giving the wearer a legal, competitive edge. 
National creative directors: Paul Fenton and Rob Martin-Murphy
Art director: Luke Duggan
Writer: Andrew Allsop
Strategy: Tony Singleton
Production: Sweet Shop
Director: Noah Marshall
Photography: Ian Butterworth and Chris Von Menge
Typographer: Krzysztof Domaradzki

Show us what you've got you Vaseline smothering ball tamperer.
Give it your best shot with your oscar winning performance.
Call it out when you know it's in.
Drill those veins with Anabolin, Fenobolin, hell mix your own bolin.
Load that glove, fix that fight, let that EPO flow.
To all you fine upstanding cheats out there we say, keep up the good work.
We need the competition.
More oxygen to muscles for better performance.
SKINS - cheat legal.
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