Introducing the world's first crowd-sourced bar.
To celebrate Jack's 164th birthday we needed a big idea, but we had $0 dollars.

We do have a lot of whiskey, and Jack Daniel's Australia has 200,000 fans on Facebook, So we thought let's get together and use these guys for what they do best, build stuff. 
All we had for payment was Jack. And lot's of it. So the more materials, time or expertise they volunteered, the more Jack Daniel’s they received.
Entirely ran through social, every tradesman who contributed had their business advertised through the Jack Daniel's Facebook page.
The whole thing came together through different stages: The Recruitment. The Collection. The Construction. And The Celebration. Not only did we get all kinds of tradies to come together we also got three great bands flying in for the party (all paid in Jack). And my favourite part was gathering a dozen local and international artists to do a portrait of the man himself.
The results were good. We got global attention. We got new fans of Jack. We can tick building a bar off our bucket lists. And we had one hell of a party.
Not bad for 268 bottles of whiskey.
Awards: Spikes Asia: Silver, New York Festivals: Finalist, Award Awards: Bronze, Reggie Awards: Bronze, Ex Awards: Gold, PMA: Experiential Campaign of the Year, PRweek Asia: Brand Development Campaign of the Year, Finalist, Best Ads: Pick of the Week.
Jack Daniel's fans donated $178,000 worth of their time, materials and expertise.
The campaign had a PR value of $84,500 in earned media on a PR budget of $0.
The Bar That Jack Built outperformed the previous year’s campaign engagement by over 260%.
The Recruitment video

Bar Sign. Typography by Luke Duggan and Houdini, 3D by Cream Studios
Making the Invite teaser video

Coaster invite stamp by Maggie at Penrith Rubber Stamps
The Collection Video

Vince and his donated truck
'Dave & Gav's piano' video by Ash at Hired Gun TV Productions

'Marianne's Print Shop' video by Ash at Hired Gun TV Productions

Tees by Marianne at Simply Spray Australia
The Construction video

Bar build by Phil at Hot Sets
Jack mural doorway by Josh2000 Projekts
Jack Portraits. Artists: Kevin O'Donnell, Jodee Knowles, Josh2000 Projekts, Hules, Lexi Land, Sam Shennan, Mulga, Pigeon Boy, Philip James Frost, Yoshio Honjo, Simon Lovelace.
The Celebration video. Song: 'Broke a Chain' by The Fumes.

Piano donated by Gav and Dave
The Fumes, Mary's Lie and Kid Zeus played for Jack. Legends.
Chandelier Sculpture by Dion Horstmans
Lexi Land with her portrait
The design of the bar
The finished bar
Case study video
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