Working with great production companies, directors, art departments, VFX and editors, broadcast TV is still probably my favorite medium. I've had a hand in over 50 odd TV campaigns, whether writing, art directing, storyboards, or creating the original concept and other teams took it to a great place.
Some I even directed myself. Hearing yourself say "Action!" the first time was a great milestone. So good I forgot to say "Cut!".

Each of these ads had it's own purpose, to solve a business problem or reshape a persons behavior. Each followed a tried and true method of Making the Familiar Strange or Making the Strange Familiar. Which led to great results hitting benchmarks and going beyond. Stoked.
Client: Sony - Tropfest (World's largest short film festival)
Role: Art Director
Agency: FNL Communications
Director: Nash Edgerton, Blue-Tongue Films
Was expecting to see the casting tapes when Nash walked in to the agency. He said I think I've already shot the ad. Indeed he did, he and buddy Damon Herriman shot and edited this spot in his backyard. The brilliant use of a white shirt as wardrobe and whip pans tied it all together. Done.
Client: Newcastle Permanent - Home Loans "Faster is Better - Tent, Lost Dog"
Role: Art Director, Director, Editor
Agency: Enigma
Director: Luke Duggan, Toybox (Enigma Communications)
Some things truly are better when faster - parents-in-law visits, pop-up tents, relationships with your bank's home loan.
I directed these commercials on a shoe string budget, and enjoyed solving problems that popped up.
I took Nash's whip pans in the Sony Tropfest ad as a solve for the tent unfurling here. Cheers Nash!
Client: Rejuvenail - "Mate"
Role: Art Director, concept.
Director: Dan Reisinger, Infinity Squared
Edited by Brad Hurt
Love working with animals, especially Ziggy the legendary dog in this ad. The ad was a huge success for the brand, sold the product completely out from all pharmacies within a week, with men walking in and asking for the toenail fungus cream with the dog. Pulled millions of dollars over expectations. Happy client.
Client: Haier - "Meet James"
Role: Original concept
Agency: Freelance Creative Director team at Special Group made my simple idea into a great ad campaign.of naming the fridge James, after James Harrison the 'Father of Refrigeration'.
My take:
In 1834 an Aussie legend named James had his last warm-as-piss beer.
James, sitting at the cricket in the heat, almost chokes on a warm beer. Shakes his head. Enough. He decides to create a big box, then pipes in ether and tests it out. A few explosions later he had the guts of the fridge worked out. 
The fridge was born.
He never got the recognition he deserved, so he spends the rest of his life drinking cold beers in solitude. listening to the cricket on his radio.
183 summers pass but thanks to James we all still enjoy a cold beer. But a fair bit else has changed since then.
So we too, out of necessity have made a fridge custom designed for Aussies today.
Every little, painstaking detail – tailored to you.
And James - we hope we’ve done you proud. Because, we’ve named Australia’s new fridge after you.
James. The Fridge Designed for Australia.

Client: Edmonds, Airomatic ventilation. - "Bin bags, Toilet paper"
Role: Concept Development, Art Director.
Agency: Enigma

Inside a home, things can get ‘heated’. When we’re hot and bothered we lose our patience and snap at each other. This is particularly evident within a family unit - father/daughter, Mum/Dad, expectant parents, siblings and couples. But when in a temperately comfortable environment everything becomes harmonious again. 
This series of ads would follow a couple inside their stuffy, hot homes when a ridiculous argument ensues. The topics are trivial but things escalate quickly until they reach boiling point, but thanks to the introduction of Edmonds Ventilation things are quickly resolved.  
Client: Apple - App Store & iTunes "One card. Endless joy"
Role: Concept Development, Art Director.
Agency: Apple

Client: Schweppes Solo Strong - "Be 1 1/2 times the man."
Role: Concept Development, Writer, Art Director
Agency: Arnold

Director: Jim Hosking
Client: Sanofi - Nature's Own - "Fish, Cow, Raft."
Role: Concept Development, Art Director.

Agency: Arnold 
Director: Rocky Morton MJZ
Client: - "Busking, Tuk-tuk."
Role: Concept Development, Storyboards

Created original concept to win the Government pitch for Havas.
Client: - "Yeah but, Yeah nah,"
Role: Concept Development, Scripts, Storyboards

Aussies say 'Yeah Nah' a lot. If we could get into the vernacular a way for country drivers to rethink their driving decisions then we could get road accidents and death towards zero. Another Government pitch won for the team at Enigma.
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